Best Practice of AI Solution
for Workspace Safety

 Our Vision 

Create Safer Working Environment For People

Safety 4.0
Under Industry 4.0

We are the Safety 4.0 pioneer. We introduce AI into process safety to create a better safety actionable automation.

Data Science
Into Safety Insight

We are a group of data scientists that collect data and turn it into safer insights with selective AI-empowered algorithms and engines.

A Future of Human-Machine Interaction

We encourage behavioral and organizational methods to improve employee’s engagement and standards to safety.


Prime It is a cloud-based industrial security solution. Eagle perceives real-time human activities and discover security threats under the scene. Lion platform is data driven to create a continuous feedback loop regarding security issues. Chipmunk RPA robots are intended to replace existing procedures operated by human hands, releasing labor from inefficiency.

   Prime  Eagle   

Smart EHS

( Environment, health and safety )

Eagle is the foundation of our solution for security. it enables sensors, i.e cameras, to feel security status of the real workspace and recognize direct threats in the scene. Policies and rules are configurable to ebable diversed functionalities.

  • Check PPE, vehicles, flame, leakage etc.
  • Recognize trespassing, crowding, falling etc.
  • Recognize presence of unregistered objects.
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   Prime  Lion   

Data Insights

The Lion Platform, providing logic and reasoning on everyday safety data, creates an ongoing digital model for the real workspace and recognizes the safety trend. Those data are of great value for managers, owners and even insurances.

  • Attain real-time alerts and give reports as output.
  • Feel data trend and predicts potential issues.
  • Suggest insights to improve safety level.
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   Prime  Chipmunk   

Robotic Process Automation

The AI Vision-based solution Chipmunk RPA Robot utilizes interfaces like humans do. It interacts with existing systems (eg. DCS, ERP etc.), performing tasks that are rather boring for a real person, but is always enthusiasticly willing to do it.

  • User friendly, esay to configure.
  • Compatible with any existing platforms(DCS, ERP .etc)
  • Evolution in use
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Our solutions are applicable to those industries:

Oil and Gas


Our solution has been the only yet first one using AI to analyze safety under camera scenes.
AI-Prime helps partners to improve safety level while cutting down employee costs.

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Wiil it cost a lot to train employees?

Usually the UX is so friendly that you don't even need to learn anything in advance. All you need to do is sit there and wait for the window to tell you that there is some issue happening.

Is this available to my country?

We are open and ready to build business partners worldwide, as well as enthusiastic to deliver our services to every enterprise in the world. Contact us please if you are interested in our solutions.

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Please contact us through or +86 21 6475 0386 if you have any questions. We have a group of technician waiting to be at your service 7x24.

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